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“I've had the chance to get Reiki healing from Denir, and it was really nice experiences. Both with the remote healing where I definitely could feel it while Denir was sending it to me and the direct healing. Denir is very professional and efficient as a Reiki healer and I highly recommend him.”

Aline Baconneau

“Wonderful relaxing experience with Reiki - slept really good after the session and woke up refreshed and rested. Highly recommend Denir as he is very skilled and knowledgeble with Reiki therapy and energy flow in the body.”

Gabriela Novak

“Denir is effective and kind. It's easy to communicate with Denir. I initially had no knowledge or background in spirituality and came to Denir as a reiki sceptic. What I have experienced since reiki treatment with Denir is a significant decrease in my chronic pain, regulation of my digestive system, increase in my energy and less fatigue. I have a newfound appreciation for spirituality in my life now. It has really been a life-changing experience for me to meet Denir. He is the real deal. Denir is a talented and gifted healer. I highly recommend him as reiki therapist.”

Hannah Michaud


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